Friday, August 27, 2010

An Ameteur's Magic Trick

Tuesday Night, I joined some friends at their house for dinner at the Porch Lighthouse (I'll explain later). College guys are hilarious when it comes to cooking. Although some know their way around the kitchen (it's true) my friends do not. Out of these four guys, two of them have just moved out of the dorms. The two that have just moved out are tonight's head chefs.

I didn't think anything of it on my way to their place. It wasn't until I arrived and walked into their kitchen that I realized this would be an adventurous night. Luke D, Luke B, Lucas D and James invited me to dinner. Luke D is our guest chef (guest on my blog that is). He put nine giant chicken breasts into a large casserole dish and dowsed them in lemon juice. He then poured pepper and all-purpose seasoning all over them and threw it in the oven.

As for the side, he and James cut up cucumber, tomato and green pepper into a large skillet and set it on high. I asked what they were making and they had no idea. I first suggested they just eat it cold, like a salad. They decided to be adventurous and cook the veggies. I suggested to at LEAST put the tomatoes in last so they don't turn to mush and evaporate. However, they were determined to show me that they could survive cooking on their own. The only suggestion they would take from me was to add seasoning, such as italian dressing (and somebody threw in more all-purpose seasoning).

It was probably the scariest thing I'd ever seen by the time it was done. The tomatoes (as I warned them before) were completely gone, turned into a clear red boiling liquid! It's magic!

Although I eat normal amounts of food, guys have way larger stomachs. So we threw some baked beans on a pot at the last minute.

Now for presentation! They like to sit outside on their homemade dinner table, on the porch. (My friends call themselves the Porch Guys, because they sit on the porch yelling at people all day, including Wes who was absent this evening.) We sat down for a lovely dinner on a lovely evening, while people watched us eat as they passed by. The peppers and cucumbers, however, soaked up the flavor from the tomatoes and seasonings. The chicken, baked for 30 minutes, soaked up the lemon juice.

From the left: Luke B, Lucas D, James, Luke D (our guest chef)

Luke's advertising for Big K Grape.

(As you can see, I'm new to this whole blog thing. I'll be in some of the pictures next time.)

As crazy as it sounds, they did a pretty good job, even though they were just winging it! And as strange as it sounds, it was an awesome evening of community and college-grade fine dining.

DISCLAIMER: I know my pictures for this entry were horrendous lol. Work with me here. I know how to add nice accents in the background & put the protein (chicken) into the foreground. I'll get it right next time, but imagine trying to take pictures for a blog while one guy's holding raw chicken & two others are wrestling in the kitchen!! It's gonna be a great schoolyear!

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