Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Forgive me. As school became overwhelmingly stressful, I got away from blogging my baking adventures. In my absense, I successfully baked banana bread, whole wheat pizza and sweet potato pie! I plan to make these again, so I can write about them! :)

For the sake of memory, I'll talk about the pie! My family loves sweet potato pie (many Black families do). I've noticed it's a cultural thing too. My Black friends say their families eat sweet potato pie while my White friends say pumpkin pie's the way to go. My parents have slowly let my sister and I protrude into the kitchen during the holidays to make small things, here and there. This time for Christmas, we tackled dessert! Jasmine made her delicious Chocolate Mint Cake while I decided on Sweet Potato Pie.

Since Grandmother Mary (who we call Maw Maw) is the best cook I've ever known, we decided to call her up and ask what she puts in her pie, while I scoured the internet for a good recipe. I usually find myself on and sometimes google brings me to the Food Network or even Cooks.com! Maw Maw said she'd have my cousin text us the recipe (never happened, she probably forgot, bless her heart). So my mom, being one who wants to get in and out of the grocery store and refuses to wait for my indecisiveness, picked a recipe she liked from some chef whose name I can't recall lol.

Regardless, on Dec 23rd, I set forth to make my pie! I spent most of the time mashing the potatoes myself, and I had fun adding sugar and everything. When it comes to recipes that need sugar, I like to improvise. I know brown or granulated sugar belongs in pie but I added nutmeg and cinnamon to my pie. [I'll post the recipe soon].

While I finished mashing the potatoes and mixing, I baked the pie crusts beforehand. My mom said "Sure you can make the pie but you must make the crust crispy" or something like that. So I gave it an eggwash and prebaked it.

An hour later, I had a delicious pie!

It was pretty good! I was more excited that I did it. My parents liked it more than I thought they would (genuinely, they've had some good pie!) Now I know what you're saying, parents usually say they like it, even when they don't. My parents don't lol. They'll tell you if they don't like it, which is a good thing. You'll never get anywhere with only positive feedback.

You can also tell if people like your food, depending on how fast it goes. My dad is by NO means a picky person, he'll eat the whole thing whether you got it from Paula Deen or the gas station lol. Mom, on the other hand, will tell me straight up whats good and bad about it! I couldn't convince Jasmine to even try it (she's super picky with everything).

Up next, I plan on making Mam Papaul's Original King Cake (it's Mardi Gras season and a lot of my northern friends don't have a clue!) I'm super excited about this one! From now on, my photography will be more professional and I plan to give it a new layout soon! Until next time, keep cooking friends!

Jess ♥

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