Monday, September 5, 2011

Introducing: The Tollhouse

This year, Campus House (my college church) started an Intentional Housing ministry, where students intentionally grow relationships with their roomates, as well as their community.  Students invite neighbors over for dinner and have fun activities like game night or movie night.  The houses even gave themselves names, such as the Boathouse, the Porch, the Luce Flore (floor) and the Firehouse (they have a firepit).  My sister Jasmine and I love love love LOVE to BAKE! So naturally, with a littile help from the ladies at the Zone (another house), we were dubbed the Tollhouse (often brought to you by Nestle!)

In all the excitement of the schoolyear, I hadn't made my way back to 1CT til now.  Don't be overly excited, because I'm not BACK yet!  I'm awaiting graduation & I would like to finish my college career before making blogging an everyday hobby.  So look forward to some amazing recipes this Christmas! As always, I'm so excited to bring you a schoolyear worth of fun community-centered treats.  I will do my best to make them budget-friendly (and believe me, I'm on a budget like no tomorrow!) I will try to incorporate college-friendly recipes, involving recipes with limited ingredients (like Honey Cookies, these recipes are always fun!)

Coming up, we have Fall pies, new cookies and Winter treats galore!

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