Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Barbeques

This summer's been so chill so far. We've been hitting up the beach (Powerplant & Huntington), visiting a cute little sailing town (Vermillion), trying out the town's various ice cream shoppes, and of course, Family Barbeques!!

Now our wonderful Simms & Nicholson families are scattered throughout the US, not to mention living in New Orleans. Being so far away, we haven't made it to the latest reunion. So this small family of 4 has been having little cookouts of our own. We have fun, bringing out the grill, charring some dogs and burgers, grilling mom some fish, making kabobs and jello! We things things the Simms way: simple and delicious.

For much of June Dad had to travel to various other states for work, so we try to hang out on weekends and do family things when he gets home. A couple weekends ago we made some simple shrimp kabobs for this particular cookout.

So simple to make:

1 bag of frozen medium-sized shrimp (30-40 per bag)
1 pack of colorful peppers (red-orange-yellow peppers)
1 pack of wooden kabob sticks

After a quick COSTCO run, we got everything we needed to fill up on kabobs for dinner.

1) soak the wooden sticks in water for an hour (approx.) before grilling (fully submerged, keeps them from burning on the grill)

2) chop peppers into shrimp-size pieces

3) arrange kabobs as you please! (fun part #1)

4) grill them on whatever temperature you'd grill everything else (i'll get back to you on that)

5) add dipping sauce if you'd like and eat up! (fun part #2)

We had an awesome time hanging out in the meantime!! :D

the sister, goofing off, and the dad, making fish for mom, who was at work this particular night.

that's me, your charming gangsta blogger

You can add pineapples, teriyaki sauce, anything! Let me know how your kabobs turn out! :) Until we meet again!

Jess ♥

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